Mandate of Heaven by Nomi T. Smith and Adolphus Writer — An Excerpt

Tianming CoverTiānmìng – Mandate of Heaven was Mandated Memoranda Publishing’s first eBook, available in June of 2013. It follows the career of Michael Babbage, freelance reporter, during five years of world turmoil and upheaval from 2018 to 2023. Tiānmìng – Mandate of Heaven extrapolates today’s headlines into tomorrow’s nightmares. Click here or on the book image to read an excerpt in a new browser tab. Click learn more to view Amazon’s landing page for Tiānmìng – Mandate of Heaven. Thank you.

Big Data to the Rescue – Nomi Tareen Smith

In the White House West Wing headed towards a ground floor conference room, Washington, D.C.

“So what are you going to say?”

“To whom?”

“The President silly.”

“What do you mean?”

“You did prepare, I mean really, George. Where are your notes? Are they in here?”

“Made ya look, Marge.”

“It’s not funny; this one is for the money.”


“George, Margery? The President will be with us in a few minutes; why don’t you come in and have a seat at the table?”

“Thank you…”

“Peter Manheim, Presidential Science Advisor; I love those initials. Have a seat by me here, George. Margery, how about that seat there?”


“Got it, Marge.”

“So, George, is it real?”

“They both are Dr. Manheim; where do I hook in?”

“Here, the system will automatically query your machine.”

“But I have specialized protocols…”

“No matter, George, done. Can we see a preview?”

“Sure, here we have a four-dimensional record…”

“Is this real data?”

“Taken continuously over the past 7 weeks.”

“I see, using what network for the tomography?”

“All of them.”

“Really? And it shows…?”

“Both the Yellowstone and Canary Islands hotspots have 85 and 63 percent chances, respectively, of surface eruption in the next 5 to 10 years and lower but significant chances of erupting within the year.”

“What did you predict last year for the same time frames?”

“32 and 23 percent for the 5 to 10 years and negligible for the 1 year frame, Dr. Manheim.”

“Margery, how are we situated on funding?”

“Forty seven percent spent, Peter. The Constellation servers are paying off; we’d be out of money, otherwise.”

“Hmm, I’ll see what I can do about that, Margery.”

The President is twenty-five seconds out.

“Dr. Manheim, he’s on his way.”

“Thank you.”


“Mr. President.”

“I don’t believe I know everyone, Peter.”

“Mr. President, may I introduce Dr. Margery Wholecloud at your right hand and Dr. George Majorski at my side.”

“Glad to meet you both, Peter’s been telling me of your good work. Please sit. What am I going to see today Peter?”

“George, why don’t you start the video and I’ll summarize what you told me just now?”


“Mr. President, this is a video of deep magma flow under Yellowstone, on the left of the screen, and the Canary Islands on the right. As you see, the flows become hotter over a 7 week period. We believe this indicates almost certain surface eruptions within three years and eleven months give or take a few months at both sites. It’s likely there will be a sustained super-eruption at Yellowstone that will obliterate flora and fauna across the Great Divide and saturate the stratosphere because of the anticipated volume, viscosity and gases.  The Canary Islands event will also impact us and our Atlantic allies. Isn’t that right, George?”


“Alright, so what are we to do, Peter?”

“As we discussed, Mr. President”

“Approved, anything else?”

“No, Mr. President.”

“Thank you everyone, good to meet you both.”

“Thank you Mr. President.”


“Okay, let’s take our seats. George, you did great.”


Yellowstone – Nomi Tareen Smith

At the home of Scott and Lisa Bering in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The National Primary EAS system has issued an emergency action notification for: Cheyenne, Wyoming; at 2:00 p.m. on October 24, 2021, effective until ended by national emergency termination alert.

This is not a test.

As of 1:19 pm today, Yellowstone Caldera located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming has erupted in what appears to be a rapidly expanding series of ash fountains and plumes. Devastating pyroclastic flows have occurred as a result of the collapse of several eruptive fountains. However, new fountains continue to establish themselves around the caldera. The plumes are coalescing and growing in extent and intensity.

Residents within a 100 mile radius are being ordered to flee north. Those residents within a 500 mile radius are being advised to prepare for an escape were one to be necessary. Cheyenne is in the 500 mile radius. All are advised to head north towards our settlements in Canada. All routes north have designations toward the reception centers. Transportation and/or medical attention for those who need it will be provided at collection points along main routes north.

Please stay tuned to this station for further news and instructions for your area.


The National Primary EAS system has issued….

“Scotty, what do you think?”

“I think we should pack up, Lisa. Get the kids inside and let’s load up the camper.”

“Where will we go?”

“Let’s head to your mother in Billings. Then we’ll all go into the mountains near Big Timber where we’ll be safe.”

“But the instructions on the TV say to head to Canada, Scotty.”

“Lisa, those feds never get it right; Bronschweiger gave us the straight scoop when he said this whole ‘national emergency’ thing was the way the federal government was going to finally impose totalitarian rule on us. When that Smith guy won, I knew our days in Wyoming were numbered and we had to head for the hills. Anyway, you see any ash out there? It’s a bright blue day…

We’ll take 25 North, then 90 West to Billings, pick Agnes up and take 94 West to Big Timber.”

“But that will bring us closer to Yellowstone, honey.”

“Never mind, kitten. The Big Horn Mountains will protect us most of the way.”

“Why don’t we call Agnes and meet up in Miles City. She can take 94 East and we’ll hook up with her there using the back roads. Then we can all head north to Canada together.”

“We can call her from the road, Lis. We gotta get moving before everyone else or we’ll miss out.”

Headed west on Interstate route 25 towards Casper, Wyoming.

“I can’t reach her.”

“Shush, I have to get right to stay on 25. Get out-of-the-way buddy…”

“Don’t shush me…”

“Tommy is pinching me Mom.”

“Tommy you get over to your side.”

“Aww, Mom, she always gets away with things; it’s not fair.”

“Are we there yet?”

“No Bridgette and stop taunting your brother.”

“I missed it.”

“You missed what, honey?”

“25, we’re now on a road headed for Shoshoni. I think it’s US 26.”

“Wait a minute, yes; we can pick up a northern route following US-20 and US-310 that takes us to Laurel and then catch I-90 to Billings; but we’re closer to Yellowstone, now.”

“Not what I wanted, can’t you keep them quiet back there?”

“Now it’s my fault?”

“Well, I gotta concentrate. Why don’t you see if you can reach Agnes, again?