Tiānmìng – Mandate of Heaven

Tianming Cover quarter scaleA reluctant journalist’s tale of geopolitical conflict and geologic catastrophe that upends the worldwide status quo. Mandated Memoranda Publishing LLC releases a new Kindle Edition from Nomi Tareen Smith and Adolphus Writer.

The United States is on the brink. Economic and geologic catastrophes threaten to dissolve the nation. A farsighted president, Moses T. Orestes, strives to save the republic he loves. Yellowstone and Cumbre Vieja erupt as half of the US population relocates north.

Failing governments take advantage of the fact that the world’s policeman is down for the count. Nuclear skirmishes result in a reshaped western and southern Asia. Will any nations step up to take responsibility and right these wrongs? In what could be another nuclear showdown, an unlikely hero saves the former USS John F. Kennedy.

A mysterious agency, CWNS, hires Michael Babbage, a freelance reporter, to analyze and document this unfolding history. But how is it that so many people he knows have to die if he is merely an observer? Is he next? His recruiter, Buck Jefferies, advised him: “Always read the fine print before you sign up.”

Why is all this happening? It’s Tiānmìng, the Mandate of Heaven. George Washington warned us about it long ago.


Not only is it thought-provoking, but the characters and the situations that they are thrust into are a joy to read …The characters are all well-developed and by the end of the narrative things start to weave together in a pleasing and surprising manner.” – Red City Review, September 19, 2013

Published June 8, 2013

Novel: political, techno–thriller, science fiction

217 pages estimated

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