Tiānmìng – Mandate of Heaven

by Nomi Tareen Smith and Adolphus Writer

Tianming Cover quarter scaleTiānmìng – Mandate of Heaven is an everyman’s spy adventure: a reluctant journalist’s tale of economic calamity, geologic catastrophe, geopolitical power shifts, and the beginnings of a hands–on surveillance state. It was published three days after the first NSA mass surveillance disclosure. The protagonist, Michael Babbage, grows through his ordeals and comes out a more experienced, if not wiser, person. He’s supported by Buck Jefferies, his recruiter, and a mysterious organization Michael only knows as CWNS. The novel is not part of a series and has political, techno–thriller, and science fiction elements.

June 8, 2013

217 pages estimated

Tragic Wonders

Edited by Ninja and Adolphus Writer

Tragic Wonders 1 by 1_6 quarter scaleWe all love to be entertained. But, what if that entertainment has other ideas? We asked our pseudonymous authors to write stories and essays that were either tragic, wonderful, or both, combined in some way. You’ll meet a serial killer, alien escargot, a petulant eleven year old, a beloved astronaut, and many others. The essays rail over, decry, praise, and skewer our personal, local, national, world, and cosmic conditions. These stories, poems, and essays in Tragic Wonders – Stories, Poems, and Essays to Ponder are meant to entertain our belief in a reality that we all deny daily, whether we profess faith in Christ, are ambivalent, or are hostilely opposed to religion. The anthology is not part of a series and has realism, thriller, and science fiction elements.

December 15, 2013

150 pages estimated

A Digital Carol

by Adolphus Writer

ADC Cover quarter scale, Copyrighted, All Rights ReservedA Digital Carol is Dickens’ A Christmas Carol reimagined with new forms and modern perspectives. We invest our time and attention in the promise of virtual reality for entertainment and, as some might wish it, our evolutionary destiny. Of course, this is only the latest manifestation of our desire to create our own heaven, on our own terms, here on earth. This story’s goal is not to inspire a more joyous holiday or a more generous spirit, but to question the very premise of our existence. Are we too far into the dark night of the soul for anything but drastic measures?

November 19, 2014

90 pages estimated

Who Shall Be God

by Adolphus Writer

WSBG Cover, All Rights ReservedWho Shall Be God reveals the struggles between the Stadist and the Libertas families, who live in New Carrollton Center (38th parallel north), the last military district city established on the East Coast. When we first meet her, Cincinnata Stadist is a rough and tumble seven-year-old whom we follow through her teen years as she matures into a young adult. Unfortunately, Cincy witnesses much more than she can appreciate at times. What will become of her?



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