Ninja Writer PictureNinja [pronounced: NEEN–yuh] Writer (b. February 23, 1970), was born in Wolfsburg, West Germany to Nina and Gerhardt Schreiber.

Her father says she was a precocious child who often had her military action figures rescuing her damsel–in–distress doll from various villains. Sometimes, it was vice versa.

During a trip to Burg Neuhaus while in primary school, she was fascinated by models of the castle, the water-mill, and, especially, the late medieval weapons.

Ninja attended secondary school and excelled in her Abitur examinations. She entered Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, where she majored in political science with a minor in mechanical engineering. She began graduate work at the university towards a Master’s degree after attaining the equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree.

She volunteered for the Bundeswehr in 1994 when she learned a woman had attained the rank of general. Her education and aptitudes qualified her for special missions at home and overseas.

She met Adolphus while he was traveling in Germany. They corresponded for years using the usual mechanisms and married when Ninja moved to the United States after she completed her military service.

When Adolphus was laid off from a major defense contractor, he and his wife relocated to Canada. They took dual citizenship and live in New Millennium City, Northwest Territories, with their three children, Karenna, Gustav, and Marianne (named after Adolphus’s mother).

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Adolphus Writer PictureAdolphus Writer – (b. July 20, 1969) – His mother would have named him Tranquility Base, had he been born a girl. He escaped that fate, but was plagued by the nickname “Eagle” for most of his public–school days. He attended several prestigious institutes of academic learning before the advent of the Internet and holds a doctorate in Theoretical Physics.

After he graduated, Adolphus travelled to Europe, the Middle East, and Far East when those names still meant something. He picked up knowledge, experience, and an inordinate number of colds and flus while abroad. He found people to be the same the world over: motivated by their self–interest, full of blind spots, and divided mainly into idealists and pragmatists.

After arriving back in the USA, he took a job in a large defense firm applying his creative and analytical skills to pressing problems to which his mother would have objected. He married Ninja Schreiber after she resigned her commission with the German Federal Defense forces and came to the United States to be with him.

During the economic downturn spanning the first and second decades of the twenty–first century, his job was eliminated and he was terminated. He established Mandated Memoranda Publishing, LLC, as a way to support the lifestyle to which he and his family had become accustomed. He says they like to eat on a daily basis and stay debt–free.

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