Air Disaster

Daddy, daddy, did you see the plane in the video? It was sooo big.

Yes, honey, I did.

Did you see how it blew up and fell to the ground, how did they film that daddy?

They have their ways, honey.

What did they mean by “dereliction of duty”?

That’s when someone doesn’t do what they’ve been told to do.

Like when I don’t want to go to bed? Is that “dereliction”?

Well, honey, it’s when someone doesn’t do something really important for the Air Force.

You mean like when Captain Davi didn’t salute during the parade last year?

Yes, just like that, Nomi.

What are those stairs for daddy?

Would you take her out of the room now, Ramsha?

Yes, son, don’t worry, we’ll raise her as our own.

Thank you mother, as we planned.

Yes, dear. Say good-bye to daddy Nomi.

Good-bye daddy, will I see you again soon?

Not soon, honey, but someday, you listen to grandmamma and do what she says like a good girl.

I will daddy… I want to go with you…

Ramsha, take her now.

Yes, Vijay, come Nomi…


Air Vice Marshall Vijay Tareen, you’ve been found guilty by a jury of your peers. You will be hanged by the neck until you are dead. Have you any last words?

Yes, I stand fast in my convictions and you know what they are. The Airbus 380 had hundreds of our kinsmen on board and I would not sacrifice the many to kill one man. That you did it anyway is upon you and your houses… God is Great and I will meet Him shortly. Look to yourselves for your judgment swiftly approaches.