The Time is Now

The time is now gentle men and women. We have to act for the good of the nation.

“The GOOD of the NATION”. Come off it, you want to get reelected or what?

I don’t care about that… maybe they don’t even care, but posterity will. Some decorum, please, Everett.

Oh, you mean the ‘children not yet born’, who said that? You! Bill payers I call them, they’ll slave for the bondholders and like it. We’ve tried to inflate those things away but the World Bank, IMF and WTO won’t let us.

Everett, this is the last time I’m going to say this…you sit down and hold your tongue.

Since when do you hold sway in the Cabinet Room, Moses? I’ll tell you what you are going…

Please remove Secretary Harmison from the room quickly.

Well, I’ve never…

You got that right, Ev.

As I was saying, ladies and gentlemen, we’re signing this Presidential Directive today with the understanding that you all are sworn to secrecy. You are witnesses to a historic day. Our partnerships with Canada, the United Kingdom and China will serve the nation well. Especially over the next three years if the scientists’ measurements are correct. Leaders in their countries are signing similar secret directives as we speak. We will provide for our posterity’s future and our partners will see to it since it is in their interests to do so.