Snails From Space – Marianne Bouchard

“They don’t believe me; none of them. But I saw those THINGS eat? Absorb? Tommy and Sam.”

“Yes, now tell me more, Missy.”

“Do you believe me?”

“I told you I would listen.”

“But you have to believe me.”

“Tell me the whole story from the beginning.”

“It was a beautiful summer’s evening; Tommy and I met Sam at the corner store and Tommy drove us out to Lookout Point. The sun was nearly set. You could see it between the trees and reflecting off the lake. It was twilight behind us. I don’t know why I looked behind us.”

“Go on.”

“All of a sudden, I see a flash. Like when a jet liner or a satellite catches the sun just right. But it wasn’t. IT WAS THEM.”

“Calm down dear, now you didn’t know it was them, did you?”

“Not right then, no… So it starts toward where we were laying on top of the car hood, one of those 70’s boat-like cars, I forget what kind.”

“Doesn’t matter, now please continue.”

“Well, it passes over us and over the edge of the point. It was silent, round and hovering in front of us right beyond the edge.”

“Cold, dear?”

“No, just remembering what happened next.”

“Tell me, dear.”

Do you think she knows where she is?

No, the vapors make these forget

Will we find out why these don’t mature (?) into those we digest?

I am coming to the settled opinion that these are not like the ones we had before

So, we’ll have to go to another [unintelligible]

Ever onward for our race to live

Why can’t we find more cooperative and robust food?

“What was that dear?”

“I said, so we were transported, er, we just appeared aboard the craft.”

“What happened next, dear?”