Triptych on The Judgment Seat of Christ

The previous three posts, though posted in time order, should be read from beginning to end.

The beginning is: “All Will Be Revealed.”

The middle is: “The Reckoning.”

Finally, the end is: “Who Can Stand?

The three concern our humanity, the Judgment to come, and what our response should be, respectively.

1 thought on “Triptych on The Judgment Seat of Christ

  1. Would you believe I have heard the word Triptych twice in a month?

    I was surprised to see this short article, but I hope people read the 3 in a row and God uses this to help them see their need for Jesus. Also, the connections to the videos are good.

    Can’t say I like the Death Duel one since it’s focused on a yukky part of life, but I guess we need to trust that God will be there for our last moments before Heaven.

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