What is this? It is what it is

What is this?  Qu’est que ce?   این چیست؟

It is what it is.  Elle est ce qu’elle est.  این است آنچه در آن است.  


What are you listening to so intently?

Are you cleared for ‘Halo Simplex’?

Sure, yeah…


The Professor himself read me in.

This is telemetry and comms from the Gulf.

Let me listen.

‘Phones, take the ‘phones.

Hey, this is data…what’s the channel?

می خوانیم شما پنج توسط پنج

[We read you five by five]

Executing pitch over maneuver

Roger, pitch over, telemetry is good

I can see the mark down range to port, executing yaw

Roger, executing yaw to port; our friends show good transfer

Coming back in yaw

Roger, coming back in yaw, friends show you leading mark

Adjusting pitch

Roger, adjusting pitch, friends show you in limits, 7000 meters

6700 meters

Roger, 5400 meters, 4500 meters, 3300 meters

Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar, my friend


We have confirmation, we have confirmation

What do you think just happened?

I dunno.

I think he is, er, was an onboard target director.

What do you think he just did?

 Hit the mark.

What mark?

This needs to go up fast.