Another Saturday. First, I’m grateful I’ve been given another one to spend. So many have not been given the privilege. We would do well to remember it may be our turn to not receive the privilege next week.

That said, how do we all spend this day? Some catch up on household chores. Some drive kids to soccer practice. Some SHOP, as if that were life’s calling. Some continue the week’s work. Some tend their gardens. Some help a neighbor in need. Most of us do a little of each.

What do you remember from past Saturdays? I remember WNEW playing Erroll Garner’s Misty. I remember a radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” as the poison gas swept by my room. I remember lonesome steamship whistles blowing mournfully. I also remember a tragic execution style murder of two policemen near a park…and siren after siren in pursuit.

I also remember times at off-broadway plays, in museums and at the planetarium. I remember eating out at a favorite burger joint. Who does that any more? Eat burgers, I mean. I remember strolling on Fifth avenue and “sightseeing” in my home town. I remember taking the ferry ride as a cure for asthma. I remember playdates with children long grownup and elsewhere now.

I guess I have to say Saturdays are for remembering the past, participating in the present and, most important, planning for the future.