Does time seem illusory? You remember some past event as if it were yesterday. Truth be told, it could well have been. What measure would you give? We commonly give dates and durations. But what are those, really? Miles don’t make sense unless you’re a physicist, which I am. But it still doesn’t make sense to the heart.

It’s almost as if the remembered event exists somewhere still. The people are there (perhaps a loved one?), the sun filters down, the grass stirs and the emotions are real and felt again. Perhaps the experience is best forgotten, hardly remembered or desperately clung to. It sure feels like “then” is “there”. But you can’t change it. Frozen in time they say.

We don’t remember the future. That leaves you with now. Now you can change. Now you can live, move and have your being. And rest assured, now will still be there afterward as our then for good or ill.

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  1. I pondered the exact same topic earlier today and came to the same conclusion. I enjoy your play on the intangibility of time and memories.

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